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Icon for Reaction skill
Quick reaction time is an incredibly important cognitive function because we use it in our everyday lives and it keeps us safe. Through regular practice with our fun and engaging games, you can build your reaction abilities efficiently.
Icon for Logic skill
Improve problem-solving, critical thinking, and reasoning skills with our brain games that help develop your logic-oriented skills. You’ll be able to approach complex situations and come up with problems easily.
Icon for Memory skill
Want a stronger memory? Our games will put your recollection to the test. Ultimately, they will empower you to increase your ability to remember things quickly and accurately.
Icon for Concentration skill
Finding it hard to focus? We’ve been there! While a lot of us struggle with concentration, taking the time to play focus-boosting games can help. We offer games that challenge you attention through distractions, help increase your focus and teach you to observe even the smallest details.
Icon for Speed skill
Being able to process information quickly means you're able to analyse and understand information more easily, and get things done faster. Can you beat your own clock?

Some interesting facts

Average IQ by age

Average IQ by country

Flag of USA
USA - 97
Flag of UK
UK - 99
Flag of Argentina
AR - 86
Flag of Australia
AU - 99
Flag of Belgium
BE - 99
Flag of Canada
CA - 99
Flag of China
CN - 105
Flag of Estonia
EE - 100
Flag of India
IN - 76

Discover your true
IQ score

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